My SUPA weight loss journey

Dear SUPA Star,

If you are like me, you’ve at some point in your life eaten too much of all the 'comfort foods'. Those food that make you forget that pain you are going through. We’ve all had moments when we splurge too hard, making all the wrong food choices, eating our emotions away. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that.

Food and especially ‘comfort food’ had been my escape from my pain and problems for years. I never really cared about what I ate during those trying years until I began to feel constantly tired and sluggish, wanting to just coil up in bed and eat another round of Kumba (aka. Agege) bread with a hot cup of Bon Vita chocolate. Constant fatigue, sluggishness, mood swings, abdominal bloating, craving for sugary foods, and lack of sleep became the order of the day. I hated the person that looked right back at me from the mirror. I knew it wasn’t me, Zee. The person who jogged 10km at least 4 times a week back when I was single and childless. Three miscarriages and three difficult C-sections had taken their toll on my body. Marriage was not all roses either. It was hard raising a family far away from home as a student in a foreign country without all the priviledges natives had. Can you relate?

To make matters worse, I was once again diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my third pregnancy but this time, it was much worse. My blood sugar was extremely high which forced me to take insulin everyday for the rest of my pregnancy. I was followed up for a year and trust me when I say that was the worst year of my life. The constant injection of insulin, and blood sugar checks before and after meals was a nightmare. 

My hormones were out of whack. I was at my heaviest. Weighing in at 119,7kg, heck 126kg after the birth of my 3rd child. I tried everything, from strenuous workouts (which I had no business doing as my birth wounds still had to heal), to punishment and starvation diets that kicked some kilos you went and brought back 5 or 6 of their friends. It was a vicious cycle that I couldn’t seem to break on my own. I was angry, frustrated, and depressed. As I researched on the job, I began to grasp that food can be fuel, medicine or poison depending on what we eat. I knew that the quality, quantity and the frequency of the foods we eat, play a major role on how our body digests, metabolises, and absorbs it.

I was devastated but I knew I had to do something other than the usual. I had to heal my emotions, renew my mind and start afresh with God on my side. I had to do something and do it FAST!

My Msc. in Public Health Nutrition and my state registered Dietician Knowledge saved my life. Taking those courses at the University of Applied Science Hamburg, Germany and working as a public health research associate on obesity prevention projects among migrants, were the foundation for creating this 21 - Day SUPA FAST weight loss program that helped me lose 17 pounds in only 3 weeks and I am not done yet. I want to empower you with the knowledge I acquired so you can regain your health and lose weight as it repairs and heals itself in order to work at it's best. Exactly what it was designed to do.

I am very honored to be your coach and chief cheerleader cheering you to a happier, healthier you and I will see you on the inside. Cheers to delicious food and lots of fun on this lifestyle to health and wellness. Yes, you can eat healthy the African way and lose wieght and even reverse type 2 diabetes. And I want to help you do just that. Thank you for the opportunity and the trust.

Cheers to your health from heritage.

Aunty Zee.